10 Plants That Create the Perfect Microclimate at Home

Many people aren’t aware of the incredible abilities of ordinary household plants to improve the microclimate in their homes. Plants help create a cleaner atmosphere, stabilize the air humidity, and provide oxygen. Such things are highly important for making a house safe for both children and those who suffer from allergies.

Here are ten incredible plants that can help improve your home’s microclimate.

10 Plants That Create the Perfect Microclimate at Home


Sometimes called “women’s happiness,” the belief exists that this plant will bring happiness and love into your home. Spathiphyllum not only sucks up excess moisture, thereby normalizing the climate in your home, but also destroys mold spores. It will be most healthy if the temperature is kept around 18°C.


Out of 100 different types of plant, people usually choose to grow the Arabic or Congolese coffee shrub, which provide various sorts of Arabica and Robusta coffee. They bear fruit only in their fifth or sixth year, so it’s best to buy a fully grown one. These plants require a good watering as well as a certain degree of shade. They’re great at absorbing excess moisture and filling the air with a wonderful tropical smell when they flower.


Myrtus is a symbol of peace and pleasure. In the past, people believed that this plant was sacred and that it was able to give old people their youth back and provide travelers with energy and good spirits. Today, we can say for sure that it has a different, but still beneficial, set of qualities. It not only restores a healthy microclimate to your home but also cares for your health: the phytoncides given out by the leaves and flowers of Myrtus help to kill off microbes in the air.

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