10 Plants That Create the Perfect Microclimate at Home

Laurus nobilis

Laurus was once loved by herbivorous dinosaurs who resisted attacks from predators only weakly. In this way, having chosen some easy prey, the predator earned himself dinner with seasoning already thrown in. People have long considered Laurus a symbol of glory, victory, and majesty. The plant is native to the subtropics, which is why it loves moist air, shade, and a generous amount of warm water. Absorbing the moisture from the air, it helps create a normalized microclimate at home. What’s more, its leaves can be dried and used in cooking.

Citrus limon

The lemon tree is a wonderful plant in all respects. When it flowers, it fills the air with a magnificent citrus smell, and at the same time it absorbs excess moisture from it. Its leaves provide a huge number of curative substances, sterilizing the space around it. The lemon tree loves being bathed in sunlight, regular watering, and dry soil.

10 Plants That Create the Perfect Microclimate at Home


In Japan, Chamaecyparis is considered a sacred tree. It is believed that the souls of the dead and of gods settle inside them. This evergreen plant freshens up your home, providing it with moisture, and it also helps get rid of dirt. It even eases symptoms of migraine and headache. In return, it requires a lot of shade and regular watering.


This plant can do wonderful things. It freshens up the air, produces a huge amount of oxygen, and neutralizes harmful fumes produced by synthetic materials. It’s also easy to care for: because it retains moisture in its leaves, it doesn’t require much watering. It will happily set up home in any corner of your house or apartment.

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