15 Lifesaving Tips to Prevent Heart Disease, Approved by Cardiologists

Holistic heart doc Joel K. Kahn, MD, shares what doctors may not learn in medical school about heart disease prevention.

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I was about to deliver a lecture on preventive cardiology…

to second-year medical students who were well educated in determining cholesterol-lowering drugs and even performing bypass surgery. But how to ensure that a patient never ends up in a cardiologist’s office in the first place? I can’t believe what I’m not going to tell them, I thought. That’s why I wrote The Whole Heart Solution. It includes dozens of prescriptions that will help you make your heart last a very long time. None requires a trip to a drugstore.

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The most powerful medicine: food

I’ve personally followed a plant-based diet for decades, but when the medical literature started reporting that this eating style helped reduce the rate of heart attacks, I began recommending it to patients. Many of them don’t go meat-free, but they still benefit from the advice that follows.

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Have at least five cups of veggies a day

Two of the largest studies examining how eating habits affect chronic disease have found that people who ate eight or more servings a day were 30 percent less likely to have a heart attack or stroke than people who consumed one and a half servings or fewer. So eat at least five cups of fruits and vegetables a day. My patients find it easy—and tasty—to drink some of their servings by making a greens-based juice (with fruit) in a blender.


Drink three cups of tea a day

Green, black, and oolong varieties help reduce levels of total cholesterol and triglycerides, regulate levels of blood sugar, and soothe inflammation.

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