17 Anti-Aging Foods to Boost Glowing Skin

Fermented foods

Yogurt and kefir aren’t the only fermented foods that are good for your skin and your health. All fermented foods contain probiotics – friendly bacteria that not only balances out the bad bacteria in your gut, calming down the inflammation that would show up on your skin, but also prevents wrinkles and gives you a glowing complexion by optimizing the absorption of nutrients from everything you eat. They also contain anti-aging lactic acid.


This spice has gained the reputation of a superfood, and for good reason. It’s anti-inflammatory, so it helps heal acne and calm down redness, prevents oxidative damage to the skin, repairs sun damage if it’s already happened, and even prevents skin cancers.

Raw cacao

The reason why raw cacao is so good is because it contains resveratrol, a really powerful antioxidant. Like all other antioxidants, it protects and repairs sun-damaged skin, preventing signs of premature aging. Cacao is also one of the biggest sources of magnesium in food – a calming mineral that helps reduce skin irritations.

Cocoa (which is roasted cacao) and dark chocolate (which is made with cocoa) also have some resveratrol, but not nearly as much, so it’s best to consume raw cacao by adding it to smoothies or yogurt to get the most out of it.

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