17 Ways These $20 Lights Will Upgrade Your Home

GREAT Light for Kitchen Pantry & More

“I love these things! I just moved into a house that fortunately has a large kitchen pantry – but it was dark and cavernous (no light at all). It’s immensely more usable now. I love how you open the door and instant on! Right now I’m only using one and it does a great job of illuminating the space, but soon as I get more AAA batteries going to add one more. Also plan to add some under cabinets in kitchen and inside the bottom cabinets. I’m really digging these and plan to buy more.”

Very Powerful LED Strip

“I’ve never written a review before, but after the other night I feel compelled to write a review for these HomeLife LEDs. I came home to my apartment in a blackout. It was pitch black and I couldn’t see 6″ in front of me. I had bought a few of these lights and I use them in my hall closet for which they are perfect. I decided to take them out and use them to light up my home till I could find candles, and in the end, these ended up being all I needed as you can turn the light from auto to ON, and they completely illuminated my 12’x22′ living room. These LEDs are amazing for the purpose they serve, and in my case they proved to be incredibly helpful in emergency cases.”

WOW! Amazing value, Cost Effective, and Efficient – VERY BRIGHT!

“Wow- I cannot believe how bright this is and the fact that I never have to change batteries is amazing. Very easy to install and an awesome alternative to the otherwise hundreds to thousands of dollar job to install better walkthrough lighting in my two family. My house was built in 1900 so any electrical job is going to be hefty. This is an amazing and cost effective solution. I am so happy – Literally took me about 3 minutes to install too. I will definitely be purchasing more of these for other solutions around the house.”
Now, I wanted to get a professional’s take on whether these HomeLife LED Lights would get me the look i wanted in my kitchen, so I talked to Harry Plumlee, a well known professional contractor in my city. Here’s what he had to say:
“I’ve been seeing more and more homes with the HomeLife LED Lights, and I can honestly see why. They work just as well as a professionally-installed lighting system, in fact, even better! Most professional systems don’t even have motion sensors. It’s a huge upgrade. Plus, people are able to get this sophisticated lighting system for practically nothing compared to what a professional charges. Normally, a job like that (under-cabinet lighting) costs around $2000. These are a great alternative for way less than you’ll pay a professional. But, be warned. I’ve seen a lot of cheap knockoffs claiming to do the same thing. The only one I can personally testify to working like it should, is the HomeLife Brand.”
– Harry Plumlee, General Contractor
After hearing his ringing endorsement, I was sold and needed to try HomeLife LED Lights for myself.

So, I visited their website and ordered five lights, and I had them within the week. When I took them out of the package, they had a nice sleek look to them and the materials felt solid and good quality. Now it was time to set them up, which was no problem at all. In fact, it was easy as 1, 2, 3…

Step by step instructions

Step 1: Insert AAA Batteries

Step 2: Remove the adhesive strip from the back of the light

Step 3: Stick the light to your desired location

Note: There is a magnetic strip that allows you to remove the light and easily re-attach it whenever you need to replace batteries.

Total setup time: 2 minutes!

The lights worked perfectly and looked beautiful. I am so proud of my kitchen… and of myself! I spent less than fifty dollars and got a thousand-dollar result!

Here’s what my kitchen looks like with the HomeLife LED Bars:

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