23 Genius Home Improvement Projects You Can Do in an Hour (or Less!)


Home renovations aren’t just pricey—they’re time-consuming, too! However, even if you don’t have a huge budget for remodeling or a ton of time to spend redecorating your house, you can still give your space a major aesthetic upgrade. If you’re looking for an easy way to transform your home in no time, check out these genius home improvement projects you can complete in an hour or less.

1. Install a chair rail.

wooden chair against chair rail molding, vintage home upgrades
Shutterstock/David P. Lewis

Want to give your home vintage appeal in no time? A chair rail—a piece of molding that runs chest-height on your wall—takes little time to install, but can make a major statement in any room.

“Not only does it add an architectural element, but it delineates the space, has great eye appeal, plus has the functional benefit as it acts as a bumper, so that chairs being pushed back don’t scuff your walls,” explains Glen DellaValle, CEO of property management firm DellaValle Management, Inc.

2. Replace your existing bulbs with LEDs.

Changing light bulb for an LED bulb

It’s easy to make your home greener and brighter with a single action: just upgrade your light bulbs!

“LEDs can make even the dullest room look bright, and even make any paint on your walls look better,” says DellaValle, who also notes that LEDs will also save you big on your electric bill.

3. Change the handles on your cabinets.

white cabinet with gold handles
Shutterstock/Berkay Demirkan

While new cabinetry can be pricey, upgrading the hardware on your existing cabinets is a price- and time-conscious way to upgrade that space.

“All you need is a screwdriver!” says DellaValle. “Knobs are inexpensive and updating them can make kitchen cabinets look brand new.”

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