8 Foods That Are Worse Than Cigarettes

Unbalanced diets kill more people nowadays than smoking tobacco. Scientists discovered that lacking important nutrients can harm your health. However some products, which we include in our diet for their so called beneficial qualities, might also be destructive for our bodies. Among them are fresh fruit juices that look healthy in comparison with other fizzy drinks, but can actually bring you one step closer to diabetes.

We decided to find out which other products can actually be slowly killing you, just like smoking does.

1. Fresh fruit juices

Fruits are considered vital for your nutrition and fresh juices are an easy way to add them to your daily ration. However, in liquid form, fruits lose the majority of their healthy elements, like fiber, which plays an important role in the prevention of diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. Moreover, the uncontrolled consumption of juices might actually cause these health problems because of the amount of sugar they contain. In fact, some of them have as much sugar as a whole can of Coke!

It is recommended to eat a whole piece of fruit instead of drinking juice. One fruit is enough to make you full and satisfy your craving for something sweet, whereas to make a glass of juice it usually requires a few fruits at one time.

2. Granola bars

Although rich in nutrients, some granola bars are also rich in added sugar. According to the Nutrient Database, most popular bars contain from 15 to 30 g of sugar per serving. On the other hand, if chosen properly, snack bars are a perfect way to kill hunger and avoid overeating since they are pre-proportioned and contain a lot of vital nutrients. A perfect bar should have at least 3 g of fiber, 5 g of protein, and less than 10 g of sugar.

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