8 Foods That Are Worse Than Cigarettes

6. Cereals

Cereals have always been considered to be a simple solution for a healthy and nutritious breakfast. However, not all types of cereals provide the same amount of benefits. the majority of them are made out of refined grains. During this processing, cereals lose a significant amount of fiber and other nutrients that help you to stay full. Not to mention the amount of sugar added to the cereals to make them taste better and be more attractive to kids.

Increased sugar intake can result in diabetesheart disease, and obesity. Instead of cereals, go for oatmeal or whole-grain alternatives — which contain enough fiber to keep you full and energetic.

7. White bread

White bread is another product made from refined grains that lacks healthy nutrients and fiber. Whereas fiber contributes to a healthy weight, good blood pressure, and a lower risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease, the fact that white bread doesn’t have it may be the reason why you face all these problems.

Whole-grain breads could be a good alternative. Moreover, studies have shown that daily consumption reduces the risks of developing the diseases mentioned above.

8. Soy

Soy may be equally as harmful for your health as it is for ecology. Soy crops are said to be the most destructive monocrops since they rob the soil of nutrients and leave it completely devastated. Moreover, most soybeans are genetically modified, which means you hardly get any of the promised nutrients from them.

Another problem with soy is its high concentration of isoflavones, or plant estrogens, that increase their level in your body and disrupt your menstrual cycle. For the same reason, soy intake is usually connected with an increased activity of thyroid hormones, which can lead to unexpected weight loss, sweating, and the swelling of your neck.

Did you know these foods weren’t that healthy? Do you know of any other food that does more harm than good? Tell us which of these facts you find the most fascinating.

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