8 Signs you have Unhealed Trauma

Healing from trauma takes time, like any other form of pain, but it is important.

Trauma is a weird, complicated, often confusing thing. One of the most difficult things about healing it is knowing it’s there in the first place. Trauma can look like all kinds of similar things, including depression, anxiety, and borderline personality disorder. Because of that, people often get misled or misdiagnosed as having a mental illness or disorder, when in reality it’s trauma lurking under the surface.

Trauma. Often a result of an overwhelming amount of stress. A death of a loved one or an end to a meaningful relationship, these can all lead to Trauma. Pretending that everything is fine when in reality, nothing is. When you don’t have a healthy way to deal with trauma, you can start to repress your negative emotions. It can be hard to recognize unresolved trauma on the surface and especially in ourselves.

1. Low self-esteem

There are many different ways that trauma can skew your self-image, usually if it is rooted in your early childhood experiences. Neglect and abandonment can lead you down of path of questioning your self-worth. Struggling to feel good about yourself when someone you love inflicts harm upon you. Studies have shown that patients with PTSD can have very low self-esteem and also have feelings of worthlessness.

2. Resisting positive Change

Being suspicious of positive change can be a sign. Whenever something good comes into your life you automatically feel shame or guilt to celebrate. Being unable to accept positive change and even resisting it because inside you feel like you don’t deserve happiness. The feeling that you don’t deserve anything can be a sign that you are suffering from unhealed trauma.

3. Trouble asking for help

Do you have trouble communicating with others and opening up to close friends and family about what happened to you? Experiencing forms of mistreatment can easily lead to a struggle to ask for help. People who suffer would rather stay silent, oppressing all feelings inside and are afraid to reach out to others. You may fear rejection or judgment from others and appear weak to those around you.

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