Here’s How to Work from Home and Make $100K

Some people assume that the perk of working remotely means trading off in other areas — like salary. But according to recent data from and PayScale, there are a handful of jobs that allow employees to work remotely while raking in salaries of $100,000 or more.

“Working from home will make anyone’s salary go further. Remote workers stand to save over $4,600 per year by working from home,” Rachel Jay, senior career writer for and FlexJobs, told Moneyish. “You’ll spend less money on gas, car upkeep, lunches and office clothing, putting that money back in your pocket.”

With the potential for lots of responsibility and tasks, Jay added, working remotely can give seasoned professionals the ability to increase productivity, avoid office distractions and find work-life balance with a flexible schedule. And because of that, Jay said, “Overall, remote workers tend to be happier and more loyal employees as well.”

But before you decide to make the jump to working remotely, Jay recommends setting up a home office. “Whether it’s a whole room dedicated to your home office or just a corner in your bedroom or guest room, it’s important to have a dedicated space that can help you get into “work mode,” which means you’ll be focused, productive and ready to work,” said Jay.

Here are seven remote jobs that will bring in six figures:

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