How to Transform An Old, Leftover Tire Into The Perfect Living Room Addition With This Ottoman Tutorial

I love using old, useless items lying around my house to make new, fun DIY projects.

Upcycling is extremely gratifying because I can clear up clutter and prevent waste.

This is especially important if you’re like me and you have a messy garage. There is so much stuff in there just begging to be repurposed into something cool, like this window frame chalkboard.

And I always enjoy breaking out my tools and tackling a new DIY project. So naturally, when I saw how to repurpose an old, used car tire, I knew I had to try it.

This simple and effective DIY project transforms a useless tire into a cool, rustic ottoman for my house.

Besides a few tools, I just need a tire, wood, screws, rope, glue, and some sealant.

In no time at all, I’ll be able to create the perfect rustic addition to my living room — such a great upcycle!

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