The Best and the Worst Time of the Year to Buy a New Car

3. At the End of the Day

New car deals that can be found at the end of the day, or even on a specific day of the week, can also yield savings, according to car-buying website AutoTrader. Sales and finance professionals are ready for quitting time, but an eager salesperson will not let a serious customer walk away without buying.

Furthermore, the day of the week can also play into pricing. The latest TrueCar study found that Monday was the best day of the week to purchase a vehicle, with discounts averaging 8.1 percent, and Thursday was the second-best day to buy, according to CNBC.

Tip for this tactic: Know which vehicle on the lot you want, then swing by the dealership just before closing.

4. Black Friday

On Black Friday, most shoppers are focused on tackling their holiday shopping list. But you might want to hit the dealership that day if you’re in the market for a new car.

Car dealerships’ Black Friday deals could also help you score discounts and incentives on par with the amazing deals you can find at major retailers, according to Edmunds. Several events line up in the buyer’s favor: Dealers are trying to clear out older inventory for the new year, as well as trying to meet quotas at the end of the month. Also, because most shoppers are at the stores, you probably won’t be fighting a crowd at the dealership.

Tip for this tactic: Because Black Friday signals the end of the model year, focus your search on outgoing models for the best prices.

5. When a Rebate Is Being Offered

Sometimes dealers offer temporary rebates in order to clear out a model year entirely during specific days of the year, Rabkin said. This could get you considerable savings.

“These days can take place at any time of the year … so dealers can sell a vehicle for less when they have the use of said incentives,” he said. “These can be in the form of a flat rebate per vehicle sold, or a stair-step incentive, which requires a dealer to hit a preset sales target set by the manufacturer, based on a specific dealer’s normal sales volume.”

Tip for This Tactic: Edmunds offers an online search tool to find rebates and incentives by ZIP code and vehicle make.

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