Two Things Can Make You Money Without Any Job At All!

When you meet a stranger and introduce yourself, you are often asked this question: “What do you do?”

If you answer: I write, I cook, I play, I travel, I write web applications, I build software, I test out products and all such realistic things, you’ll next be asked: “What do you do professionally?”

There is a subtle difference between both the questions but this difference will clarify your mission for life.

Most of us grow up traditionally, where we are provided quality education to have a job. Having a job here means working somewhere else, where you contribute your skills and time in exchange for money.

But we often miss out on the point that even if we don’t have a job, we still can make money. What I mean to say is, you don’t need to work somewhere else and provide them what they need in order to give you money.

I am in favor of having a job, I’m not denying it’s importance. I’m in favor of financial freedom as one of its essential fruit. I’m in favor of stability that it brings in when you see your account getting credited every month end.

But here even, you’re making money. So the nutshell is You Have to Make Money and for that, you do this way or that way, doesn’t matter.

If you focus on this, you will find your own ways. You don’t need to have external validations (that I used to seek earlier and realized later). All you need is to find a way, to make money. If this is through a job, good enough, if this is through something you do yourself, great enough!

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